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Divorce Counselling in Glasgow

Sadly couples sometimes decide to separate. If this is the case, counselling with a qualified couple counsellor can help to ease the transition.

If there are children involved, you will probably be considering co - parenting, and the reality is that you will have to adopt a slightly different relationship as parents to your children - You may have separated from each other, however, generally neither parent wants to separate from their children.

Children involved with separating parents are entitled to parents who can communicate sensibly without conflict, have their best interests at heart and feel no confusion or anguish about where they live and how much time they spend with each parent.

Working with a couple counsellor will help you to:

• Bring the relationship to a close
• Mourn the stages of ending the relationship
• Express anger and resentment in a controlled environment away from your children
• Clear bitterness and anger
• Discuss the arrangement for childcare
• Formulate a plan of timings and duties emailed weekly
• Decide on how to communicate with regard to your children’s issues
• Decide on how to answer your children’s questions
• Grandparents contact
• School and homework

Divorce or separation counselling offers a chance to examine the relationship with less pressure on how to ‘fix’ it. The work is offered by experienced Nightingale couple counsellors only, although this work differs from couple counselling. The process may give the couple a chance to uncover the underlying issues that have resulted in separation.

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"By the time we arrived at Nightingale it felt as though it was already too late. We could barely speak to each other without anger or tears and there seemed to be no common ground. Sessions with Florence gave us space and a safe place to talk. Slowly and sensitively she helped us explore how we had reached this point and to think about how we might move forward. We developed a new understanding of what had led to our growing apart and empathy for each other’s feelings.

In the end we decided not to stay together, but we have become strong partners and have stayed good terms throughout the separation, mainly because all the hate and hurt had already been dealt with. This has helped our children, our family and our friends come to terms with the situation, as saw that there was a maturity about the way we were able to deal with each other. Personally I am amazed at how much we have both grown through the process and all because we now both feel we have been listened to and understood. Thank  you Florence."

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