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Parenting Counselling in Glasgow

Parenting is a lifelong journey. Every parent works towards the same goal - to help nurture a child into a balanced young adult, ready and equipped to take on the challenges of living and thriving in our complex modern world. Understanding your own legacy goes a long way to making a better one for our children.

If you are considering starting a family, expecting a baby, new to parenting or an experienced parent, some of the experiences and changes associated with pregnancy, birth and parenthood can be difficult, unexpected and even frightening. As well as bringing us joy, children can pose a challenge which can leave parents feeling exhausted, exasperated and desperate. Parenting can lead to feelings of isolation and can have a profound effect on your relationship with your partner.

Counselling covers all aspects of parenting including:

• Impact of pregnancy, including expectations, changes in the relationship and the effects of infertility and loss
• Baby shock, including the challenges associated with adjusting to new roles and the issues of space and intimacy
• Parenting children of all ages, including teenagers, their behaviour and discipline
• Helping parents to come together and decide together how they will parent
• Parenting step-children
• Life changes such as divorce, bereavement, relocation or a new job
• Managing a work/life balance in relation to parenting
• A safe, respectful space to talk about your parenting concerns & worries
• Support for parenting in practical, creative and immediate ways
• Help in understanding and coping with their children's development and behaviour
• A set of clear actions and guidelines that you can use to improve the relationship with your child

Our Nightingale counsellor assigned to you will also be a parent. They will understand the challenges and difficulties around parenting and together, you will look at designing a parenting programme to enable your children to grow and flourish and for you to get back to parenting more effectively.

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"I turned to Florence because I was so frustrated, angry and at the end of my rope all the time, basically overwhelmed on so many levels. Regularly meeting with Florence over a decent length of time enabled me to unravel and explore my past and everything else and draw conclusions to help me actually change patterns and behaviours that were bringing me such heartache and frustrations. I know my children and partner have benefited hugely from the journey I took with her guidance. Breaking a cycle and changing habits are so very difficult, but every visit I had with Florence made the impossible seem do-able. I would bounce out the door feeling such a weight had been lifted."

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