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Psychosexual Counselling in Glasgow

A healthy sex life can be extremely important to a lot of couples and when circumstances change and you are no longer as intimate as you’d like, cracks can start to appear. Psychosexual counselling introduces a treatment programme to enable couples to re-establish a healthy sexual relationship.

By encouraging honest and open communication between couples, this programme allows for small steps to be taken to help you both re-engage with each other. There are many reasons why the sexual relationship between couples can break down:

• Anger and resentment
• Lack of desire and libido
• Impotence
• Lack of communication
• Not prioritising intimate time
• Not communicating your true feelings
• Boredom
• Arrival of children
• Anxiety
• Past unpleasant experiences
• Lack of confidence
• Stress
• Illness

Couples often find it difficult to talk about the intimate part of the relationship for fear of being rejected or embarrassed. At Nightingale, our counsellors aim to break through these barriers and strengthen the communication channels between a couple, allowing for a strong and healthy sexual relationship.

At Nightingale, every Psychosexual counsellor is qualified to Diploma level and beyond and are also fully qualified Couples counsellors, who have undertaken an additional three year’s training in the psychological issues associated with sex. Trained to give you a diagnosis and design a treatment programme to enable you to overcome your sexual issues, our Psychosexual counsellors are specialists in this field with a wealth of experience.

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"The vitriol and venom of our first meeting would have been enough to put any sane person off – Who are these awful people? Thankfully Florence is trained to see beneath the pain, hurt and defences. Her sense of humour, perception, gentleness yet no-nonsense attitude helped put a long marriage back on track. Hopefully the new skills we have learnt with counselling will help us nurture a healthier, more loving relationship built on mutual respect, safe in the knowledge that counselling is still available if we should need it."

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