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Relationship Counselling in Glasgow

Relationships are a crucial part of our everyday life. From family members to work colleagues, we often base our sense of identity and self-worth on the strength of the relationships that we have with those closest to us. When these relationships fail, it affects us deeply, creating a shift in the way that we treat ourselves and others around us.

Poor relationships can have a lasting effect, resulting in unhealthy and damaging habits that can restrict us from having healthy, happy relationships. At Nightingale, we believe that the key to a successful and happy relationship is communication. A lot of the work that we do is centred on effective communication, conflict resolution and addressing resentment from the past.

We understand the importance of allowing each party to address individual issues, allowing for deeper communication and more efficient conflict management. Some of the relationships that benefit from counselling are:

• Mother and son/daughter
• Father and son/daughter
• Other significant family members
• Parents and step parents
• Step children
• Grandparents
• Siblings
• Work colleagues

Relationship counselling can also be beneficial for individuals recovering from the break-up of a close relationship, allowing for a better understanding of why the relationship failed and also improving the relationship with yourself. Having a third party perspective can sometimes help you see recurring patterns in failed relationships, prompting a change in attitudes towards others.

Every relationship counsellor at Nightingale is highly trained and qualified in helping to rebuild relationships, with a wealth of experience in couple counselling and mediation. We understand the need to let both sides air grievances for equal times and aim to ensure that each party respects and acknowledges the other’s point of view, showing an empathic understanding of the differences. A Nightingale relationship counsellor will never take sides, they only seek to help improve a relationship by teaching valuable skills like effective communication, compromise and making conscious choices to change the way we relate to others.

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We aim to ensure that every client feels safe in the knowledge that they have found a professional organisation that understands the challenges and concerns they face when they decide to seek assistance. When you contact Nightingale we will respond immediately to all enquiries and can guarantee an appointment within 48 hours. Contact us on 0141 353 9373, Email us or complete our online Enquiry Form.

"I used to think counselling was valuable for other people, but not something I would ever need.  Five years into my second marriage, my husband and I were struggling with our relationship and the challenges of step-children.  Luckily for us, our eventual frustration led us to Florence. From that first meeting, I felt a sense of confidence in her and in the process of counselling. Through Florence, we learnt to listen to each other, be honest about ourselves and find compromises. It’s hard to talk honestly about difficult feelings, but Florence always made it feel safe. I enjoyed her sense of humour and her direct, no messing approach. I have learnt so much from Florence about relationships, parenting and myself. I will always be grateful for her insight, wisdom and kindness – for me, it has been life-changing."

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We accept card payments.

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