Interested in freelance work with Nightingale?

Nightingale Counselling is currently looking to recruit counsellors, couple counsellors and psychologists/ psychotherapists from all disciplines of therapy to join our busy team in Glasgow close to Charing Cross.

We pride ourselves on assessing our prospective clients’ challenges and place them with the most effective and appropriate counsellor and model of counselling best suited to our clients.

All work at Nightingale is on a freelance basis which allows you to continue to develop your own career in counselling.

Every counsellor, psychologist and therapist working at Nightingale are selected for their warmth and generosity of spirit. Talent, attitude, confidence and above all, their commitment to their clients and the counselling profession.

We believe it is vital that our clients feel safe, secure and welcome when they come to us and with our clients in mind, much care and thought has been put into our counselling rooms. The soft furnishings and lighting are designed to give our clients a big hug and to help them feel at ease in a warm and calm environment thus helping them begin their journey!

If you are interested in freelance work with us, we would be delighted to hear from you and look forward to inviting you to Nightingale.

Contact us at   or   07946 434045

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